Tribe Aisthetica

Tribe Aisthetica

At Tribe Aisthetica, we’re here for you. 

We’re an independent, collectively run, little exhibition & events company based in Bristol. We live for small businesses; we’re fighting the battle against high priced exhibition spaces & ridiculous commission charges, by providing a supportive community of creatives within our Bristol neighbourhood. 

We are collective led, by artists, for artists. 

Established for the benefit of the creative community, we are tired of artists being ripped off & extorted. With over 50 creatives from all over Bristol & beyond, pooling their resources, expertise & passions, Tribe Aisthetica is here to support artists, provide affordable exhibition spaces & create a likeminded community.


So, if you’re a creative, artist or maker just like us & are looking for help with exhibitions, running workshops or just need a sympathetic ear, we’re here for you. That’s why we created Tribe Aisthetica, so that you could do what you love every day.

Want to meet up for a coffee to chat about your business? Or, if you’re interested in a specific exhibition, event or project we’re working on, drop us an enquiry via or contact page.

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