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Hi, I’m Abi, creator of Tribe Aisthetica, an independent, collectively run, social enterprise here in Bristol. 

Founded in 2016 to support local artists, Tribe Aisthetica was initially created to combat the upsurge of high commission rates and pricey exhibition space rental within the arts industry. I was looking for a new way to make art affordable and accessible  to everyone. Because, let’s face it, the creative industries are one of the most highly extorted in terms added costs, unpaid time and materials. 

Tribe Aisthetica brings together our collective expertise to help artists we believe in. Over the past few years we’ve created an amazingly supportive network of artists, all focused on their businesses and doing the work they love. We’re great believers in the transformational power of the arts, both to those that create it and those who view it.

So, if you’re an artist like us, looking for some creative help, exhibition opportunities and help facilitating workshops. Or, if you’d just like to meet some fellow makers, Tribe Aisthetica is here to support you. 

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