Charlotte Boyle

Photography, for me, has always been a gateway to other worlds, either real or imagined.
Learning a second language is often seen as way to connect more deeply with different cultures; for me, photography is that second language. The tone of the light during different times of day, colours and faces, all form a syntax of place. Framing and absorbing experience via camera has become both ritual and instinct, part of an ongoing dialogue that fascinates me.
The imagery I make tries to capture those experiences, the evocative beauty of unexpected encounters, people and place.
With a diverse background in filmmaking, broadcast and tech, I find the photographic process incredibly rewarding as it blends so much of this together. I have spent over a decade working in television, including landmark factual and natural history programming such as Blue Planet II, Planet Earth II and The Hunt, and crafting images out of light continues to fascinate me.
I also create surrealist ‘otherworldly’ pieces in response to areas of academic theory and knowledge practice that I’ve stumbled across. Merging photographic and digital tools, I craft ethereal compositions with a painterly aesthetic as a way of exploring ideas around society and our place in it.
Each piece is drawn from a wealth of influences, amalgamating mythology and portraiture with a background in dance ranging from classical ballet to flamenco. Layered textures and beautiful colour palettes are combined with evocative folklore-esqe figures to create haunting imagery that plays with themes of identity, transformation and belonging.
Available for Exhibitions, Murals & Commissions
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