Emily Krainc

Emily Krainc is an abstract expressionist painter, creating art work in a variety of sizes & media including acrylic, ink & gold powder. Her work is about unconscious & sometimes blind folded mark making & its implications. 

She is fascinated by visual memory & the application of paint creating mental spaces for thoughts & emotions both conscious & unconscious. These two sides of her being are constantly in conflict with one another and the canvas allows for a resolution. 

Her work speaks of pre-ontological and primitive ways of making mark, of the moment of spontaneity & wants to express gestural moments unhindered. She is interested by the notion of taking something non physical such as dreams, thoughts, emotions, & memory & creating something physical.



Emily’s marks are heavily influenced by forms of writing such as calligraphy, graffiti & automatic writing & she is also interested in Psychoanalysis & philosophy. 

Readings, particularly by the likes of Freud, Descatres & Derrida inspire works as well as poetry & prose by Sylvia Plath. She has compiled an extensive collection of English poetry by the likes of Walter-de-la-Mare, Francis William Bourdillon, W.B.Yeats, Stevie Smith, to name a few of her most recent inspirations.

Available for Exhibitions & Murals. 

HUMAN – Inspired by “The Night Dances” by Sylvia Plath

SUN FROM SOD – Inspired by “Poet- tree” by Earle Bimey

I’M HERE – Inspired by positive change and new beginnings

HEAVENLY CITY – Inspired by “The Heavenly City” by Stevie Smith

THIS IS OUR WORLD – Inspired by “The Waves” by Virginia Woolf

GETTING THERE – Inspired by “Getting There” by Sylvia Plath

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