Lisa Travers

Lisa Travers is a Bristol based multimedia artist combining found items and trash with a love of pattern and symmetry.

Her work takes on the themes of things that are important to her such as mental health, feminism, and politics, and has been shown at various galleries including RWA Bristol, Bruton Art Factory and Spike Island. She has made work for various festivals including Bestival and Shangri-la at Glastonbury. Her best work is produced when she is annoyed and ratty.

Lisa believes everything has value and wants to show that unwanted items and the discarded can be beautiful and wonderful.

Her work is created using materials destined for landfill such as junk, paints, magazines and books.

Her need to make work out of found materials is not only to convey the ecological messages of sustainability and recycling but also a commentary on the cost of traditional art materials.

Lisa currently works out of a studio at The Island, Bristol.

Available for Commissions, Exhibitions & Murals.

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