Sophie Galliers

Sophie Galliers is a painter working in oils & acrylic to create abstract & semi-abstract landscapes.

She was born in Shropshire & graduated from Newcastle University in 1996 with a degree in fine art, after specialising in mixed media painting. Since that time she has continued to paint part-time while working within art education, firstly in the Midlands & then in the South West where she is currently based.

However, now able to concentrate full-time on her work, she seeking to develop my technique & explore the themes within her painting in greater depth.


Her subjects include both the rural beauty of the landscape around her in England & Wales & the exploration of the natural world at a microscopic, cellular level.

Through the process of painting, she seeks to find a balance between shapes, patterns, textures and colours & in doing so, she approaches her work in two different ways: She either starts with the random application of colours & marks – building up layers of textures from which shapes & compositions emerge, or she begins with a more realistic rendering of a subject or place; drawing with paint.

She also tries to emphasise draughtsmanship within her work, exploring the relationship between the drawn image & the abstract mark.

Available for Exhibitions, Murals & Commissions.



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