Our Bespoke Curation Service

                Tailored to You and Your Unique Business

We Provide Art
For Businesses

We tailor our Curation Service to suit you and your business. Working alongside local artists we curate a selection of artworks perfect for your business brand. 

Tribe Aisthetica believes in the transformational power of Art, both for those who create it and those who view it, so here’s some reasons why your business should have some better Artwork on it’s walls. 


We've Worked With

The Malago                                                                      The Star & Dove                                                              Bear & Ted                                                                      Green Garden

Four Reason's Your Business
Should Have Better Art On It's Walls

art makes a statement

An intelligently curated art collection can effectively reflect a company’s brand. A carefully selected piece of art can change the atmosphere of a room and convey your businesses personality to customers and employees. 

Art engages staff

Employee engagement is receiving more and more attention as companies seek to get the most out of their workforce. Art can offer a highly effective remedy to this. What is a more dynamic talking point than a piece of art?

art impacts profit

Even a small increase in the productivity of workers can bring huge financial benefits to an organisation as a whole. Employees thrive in a positive and optimistic environment. Research suggests that having art in the workplace increases creativity, efficiency and productivity.

art isn't expensive

Many companies baulk at the idea of art in the workplace for fear of the price tag. Don’t worry, it’s not expensive. 

You can either rent collections from us on a monthly basis. Or, we can provide regular exhibitions that’ll cost you nothing. 

Want Some Expert Attention?

                Here’s What We Can Do For You

Cafe's & Restaurant's

This will cost you nothing and will invest a new lease of life into your business. We provide a years Curation Residency for your business, with the option of either a bi-monthly or quarterly exhibition rotation. Providing you a choice of group, joint or solo exhibitions. 


Corporate Businesses


Does your office need an influx of life? Are you bored of staring at those same walls?  We provide artworks by local artists on a bi-monthly or quarterly rotation. Or, if you’re looking for something more permanent, we can provide you with your very own artist who will work with you to create a bespoke mural for your office space. 

Tell us what you need, your budget and we’ll make it happen for you. 



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