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Featuring a collective showcase of our amazing Artists & Creatives and members of our Tribe. Plus others who we love & have worked with in the past.  

If your a business owner looking to work with us, take a look around & get a feel for what we do. Or, if you’re looking to join our Tribe, have a wander.


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Jessie Rose McGuinness

Jessie Rose Indie McGuinness is an illustrator, painter and general maker. Her work is mostly inspired by animals, nature and people… normally naked.

Emily Krainc

Emily Krainc is an abstract expressionist painter, creating art work in a variety of sizes and media including acrylic, ink and gold powder.  She is fascinated by visual memory and the application of paint creating mental spaces for thoughts and emotions both conscious and unconscious. These two sides of her being are constantly in conflict with one another and the canvas allows for a resolution.

Sophie Galliers

Sophie Galliers is a painter working in oils and acrylic to create abstract and semi-abstract landscapes. Her subjects include both the rural beauty of the landscape around me in England and Wales, and the exploration of the natural world at a microscopic, cellular level. Through the process of painting, she seeks to find a balance between shapes, patterns, textures and colours. 

Aimee Mac Illustration

Aimee is a freelance illustrator and designer, inspired by the natural world & the homes we create.

Moon Fire Clay

Rhea Morton is a potter, artist and maker. She creates hand built stoneware sculptural items and decorative objects.

Georgina Thornton-Parr

Jem Loves To Draw

Jem is an artist, illustrator and designer based in her hometown of Bristol and she loves to draw. Her artwork is hugely influenced by the natural world and often features animals, landscapes, oceans, galaxies and constellations. Jem’s work has been featured in exhibitions across Bristol and you can buy her designs as art prints, greetings cards, mugs and more. 

Emily Owen

Emily Owen is a still life painter influenced by the simplicity and freedom of the work of the St Ives school of artists. She is interested in the boundaries between figurative and abstract, nature and artifice.

Lisa Travers

Lisa Travers is a UK based multimedia artist combining found items and trash with a love of pattern and symmetry. 

Charlotte Boyle

Charlotte is a photographer who’s work focuses on a sense of place. With a diverse background in filmmaking, broadcast, and tech, she finds the photographic process incredibly rewarding as it blends so much of this together. Charlotte has spent over a decade working in television, including landmark factual and natural history programming such as Blue Planet II, Planet Earth II and The Hunt. 

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